The first step in buying a home is securing financing and establishing a budget that you are comfortable with. We always encourage people applying for a first time mortgage loan to play it safe, and not maximize credit limits beyond what you’re comfortable with. This way you have room for unexpected moving, decorating, remodeling, and closing costs.

Your lender will tell you know how much you qualify for and provide you with a pre-approval letter.

Once you know how much you can afford, City View Properties will send you a list of all available properties and sort them for you by what is most important to you.

*VA Loans

VA Loans are available for active and retired military members and their families and offer affordable rates for veterans and soldiers looking to buy a family home. City View Properties offers additional special Veteran benefits. Click VA Loans to contact us for additional information.

*FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is an agency of the federal government, that offers assistance to buyers. They are usually offered with as little down payment as 3%-5% but will include an MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) fee to be paid until you reach a 20% equity standing on your home. Click FHA Loans to contact us for additional information.

*Cash Purchases

Whether you are paying cash or getting financing, having a licensed Broker /Realtor represent you is the key to maximizing that investment. Click Cash Purchases to contact us for additional information or for Investor packages/information.

*Conventional Loans

Conventional Financing requires a minimum of %20 down payment and carries a 15 or 30 year payment term at a fixed interest rate. Financial Institutions and mortgage brokers can assist in securing the best loan rates for you. Click Conventional Loans to contact us for additional information.

*Seller Financing

When Financial Institutions reject your application for a home loan, other options still exist. Seller Financing is a great way to still purchase a home. The seller usually charges a higher interest rate and sets their own terms that will be mutually agreed to in exchange for officially transferring title of the property to you. Always let a reputable licensed Broker/Agent assist with your transactions. Click Seller Financing to contact us for additional information.

Planning a move to Houston? Let City View Properties find you the perfect home!
Houston is among the top-five relocation cities in the United States and we know that finding the right home makes all the difference. Having a knowledgeable Broker at your side to help you understand Houston zoning laws, neighborhood pros and cons, current values, future resale analysis, etc., and what that means when buying a home will be very important when moving to Houston.